Bethel Baptist Announces Students Of The Quarter

Bethel Baptist Christian Academy officials recently released the school’s Students of the Quarter. They are:

Rebekah Wilkins, kindergarten and daughter of Matthew and Sarah Wilkins of Jamestown. Her favorite subject is Bible because she gets to learn a lot of stories. Rebekah’s favorite color is purple. Rebekah’s favorite Bible story is Abraham because he believed in God.

Alex Guziec, first grade and the son of Justin and Amy Thorp of Jamestown. He loves art because it is fun and he can be creative and math because it is fun and he learns new things. Alex’s favorite book is Indians & Cowboys, he loves the colors red and green, and his favorite Bible story is when Jesus was born.

Devyn Phillips, ninth grade and the daughter of Charles and Jennifer Phillips of Jamestown. Devyn’s favorite subjects are history because it is interesting, English because it is her highest grade, science because of her teacher, Miss Beckstrom, and math because she has always liked it. Devyn’s favorite Bible verse is Romans 1:20. Among hobbies, she says, “I try everything.”

Laura Davis, 12th grade and the daughter of Ralph and Ella Davis of Jamestown. Her favorite subject is select choir because she loves singing and music, and because “the choir sounds pretty good.” Her favorite book is “The Lovely Bones” by Alice Sebold. Laura’s favorite Bible verse is Proverbs 31:30 Her hobbies include guitar, piano, music, working at Bethany Camp, pinterest, bargain shopping, singing, spending time with friends, acting and volleyball.