Moving On

Mayor Sam Teresi will be looking for a new candidate to fill the role as the executive secretary of the Jamestown Urban Renewal Agency and director of development for the city of Jamestown in 2013.

After a break for an executive session, Teresi announced at Monday’s City Council meeting that Steven Centi would be retiring from those roles after almost 17 years of service to the city of Jamestown. According to Teresi, Centi began working for the city in 1996 and eventually went on to take over both positions that he held until his retirement on Friday.

“Steve is wrapping up his time with us after more than 16 years,” said Teresi. “We’d been having this conversation for some time, but I’d really like to thank him for the services that he’s provided to the Jamestown Urban Renewal Agency and the City of Jamestown, even in these difficult financial times. Whoever is chosen as his successor will have a difficult task to undertake.”

According to Teresi, the search for a suitable candidate has already been narrowed down to only a few possibilities. Once a successor is chosen by Teresi, they will be brought before JURA to be approved for the executive secretary position, and then brought before City Council to be approved as the director of development for the city.

“We should be able to have the selection process wrapped up in three to five weeks,” said Teresi. “We could see the appointment as early as the January voting session, but it will happen by the February voting session at the latest.”

Teresi went further, saying that the ideal candidate for the job should have a specific skill set that will help in both positions. This includes business ownership experience and knowledge of the local governmental process. Teresi stressed the importance that the individual should be dedicated to the revitalization of the greater Jamestown area, as well. Centi has also stated that he will make himself available to assist with the orientation of his successor in order to make the transition as seamless as possible.

The retirement of two officers in the Jamestown Police Department was also announced during Monday’s meeting, including Detective Timothy Wright, who recently took over duties as police chief in the town of Carroll.

According to Harry Snellings, police chief, in accordance with Operation IMPACT, the Jamestown Police Department will have 45 days to fill the vacancies, and they have already begun examining their options.

Prior to the executive session, the council approved several resolutions including one that will allow the city to enter into a grant agreement with the Gebbie Foundation for an amount not to exceed $100,000 for the restoration of Potters Alley and Mechanics Alley. The alleys will be repaved with stamped concrete, similar to the alley located behind the Spring Street parking ramp.

“The $100,000 will cover all of the costs other than our labor services,” said Teresi. “We’re trying to focus on alleys and other areas that are supported by investments and nearby buildings.”