Lyn McIntyre Leads Bowling

Led by Lyn McIntyre, the ladies had a big night on the area bowling scoreboard.

McIntyre led the way with a 685 on singles of 265-211-209 for the Fifth Wheel in the Barmore-Sellstrom/Mayville Diner League at Jamestown Bowling Company.

A close second was JoAnn Brown with a 233-226-224-683 for Tupperware Home Parties followed by Theresa Jackson with a 225-211-203-639 for Shoeless Joe’s in the same league.

The top individual effort was achieved by Howard McIntyre Jr. with a 289-256-232-777 for Bel-View in the Jeremy’s Bel-View League at JBC.

Matt Delong racked up another big series in the VSK Emporim League at Frewsburg Lanes, unleashing a 268-274-734 for Piazza Carpet No. 1.

Heather Gould delivered a 223-202-616 for JBC Pro Shop and Kathy Jordan a 219-201-605 for Helpful Handyman to round out JBC’s 600 for the ladies in the Barmore-Sellstrom /Mayville Diner League.

Still in the same league, Donna Clark floored a 222-202-594 for Catering Plus and teammate Dana Stanton tossed a 201-201-592.

Jenna Hooper shot a 226-590 for Yesterday’s Treasures and Christy Cuifolo a 201-577 for Barmore-Sellstrom.

Ron Lyon uncorked a 259, Bonnie Smith a 233 and Ronnie McClaran a 221 at JBC.

Jamestown Bowling Company: Monday Hot Shot Seniors – Pat Walsh 206-202-577, Cliff Carlson 219-531, Chuck Stohlberg 524, Sharon Dowd 420, Mary Lensy 418, Marian Amatuzzo 400.

Seniors League – Jim Mitchell 216-200-585, Bud Sardi 557, Sam Lisciandro 520, Richard Franzen 507, Sally Buffone 422, Josie Nicosia 419, Barb Bohall 412, Barb Swanson 410.

Sunday Night Mixed Couples League – David Price 241-590, Ly Genco 502.

Barmore-Sellstrom/Mayville Diner League – Cindy Johnston, 209-208-565, Bonnie Smith 560, Ronnie McClaran 555, Sue Bero 528, Lori Lassen 515, Tammy Baker 510, Leda Peterson 507, Maru Gayton 214-498, Sue Lamb 498, Jody Lawson 492, Sheila Whitford 484, Lu Ann DeFrisco 484.

Chris Sieber League – Linda Riffel 200-501, Ginn Johnson 480, Chris Hutchinson 477.

Jeremy’s Bel-View League – Howie McIntyre Sr. 234-224-651, Ron Lyon 629, Bob Sager 233-624, Mike Martin 226-621, Roger Volk 234-595.

Frewsburg Lanes: VSK Emporium League – Dan Terhune 226-628, Bill Pownall 226-627, Dan Walker 239-627, Robert Cross 611, Matt Himes 576, Troy Beightol 576.