With High Grades And College Credits, Frewsburg Senior Weighs Options

FREWSBURG – McKenzie Cass is a senior at Frewsburg Central School who truly stands out in several ways.

McKenzie has achieved academic success in her studies, maintaining an unweighted grade point average of 98.96. And while her academic achievements have extended to all subjects, McKenzie finds math to be the most compelling.

“I’m well-rounded in terms of grades, but I like math the most,” she said. “Our math teacher (Mr. Laska) literally teaches us new things every day, and I can really tell that I’ve made progress throughout the year. And it’s fun because there’s always an answer.”

She added, “I think that (Mr. Laska) and math in general are really preparing me for college because, if you don’t get the right answer at first, you have to keep on trying and you will. Eventually it will turn up. It’s cool because most of the time it’s clear cut, and I like that about (math).”

Currently, McKenzie wants to become an orthodontist. She has already been accepted into a few colleges, but she is most seriously considering attending the University of South Carolina or the University of Georgia, where she is thinking of majoring in marketing or advertising.

“I know that sounds really weird, but I can still do the prerequisites for dental school and have something else under my belt,” she said. “If I do decide not to go into dental school, I’ll have something else that I can turn to.”

By the time she graduates high school, McKenzie will have acquired 32 college credits, allowing her to be able to enter college as a sophomore if she chooses to do so. She will have received college credit through courses such as calculus, physics, problem-solving, college Spanish and college English.

“Basically, I take all of the college classes that I can,” she said.

In addition to her studies, McKenzie is also heavily involved with extracurricular activities and community-based projects.

She has participated in five varsity sports: tennis, softball, basketball, soccer and swimming.

She is the treasurer of her class and student council as well as pep and S.A.D.D. clubs. She has also been involved with Envirothon, National Honor Society, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and all high school musicals.

Outside of school she is a member of Leo Club, a subsidiary of the Lion’s Club, and was also the second runner-up in the 2012-13 Distinguished Young Women of the Lakewood Area competition, which earned her a total of $1,375 in scholarship money.

Recently, she has also spearheaded and volunteered for a community service project along with classmate Jacob Caldwell, a Frewsburg senior who was also featured in “Standing Out in the Crowd” last May.