NASS Collecting Survey Results

The National Agricultural Statistics Service will begin telephoning producers who have not yet returned their Floriculture Production questionnaire.

Producers who have not yet returned their survey are asked to do so as soon as possible. Producers who do not mail in their survey and who are unable to be contacted by telephone will be interviewed in person.

The annual survey of Floriculture Production was mailed in December to all commercial producers of cut flowers, flowering and foliage plants, bedding plants, or cultivated florist greens in New York. This survey provides the only detailed information about the production and sales of these items and the important contribution they make to the agricultural economy of New York state, according to King Whetstone, NASS New York Field Office director.

To maintain accurate information for the industry, the continued participation of commercial producers is necessary. A commercial producer is defined as one who earns $10,000 or more in gross annual sales.

Any producer with questions about the survey may call Kelly Michel or Bill Blackson at 800-821-1276.