Something Beautiful Finds New Location

Robbie and Sarah Mills have traveled the world fulfilling their passion of being tattoo and piercing artists.

From Copenhagen, Denmark, which is where they met and Sarah’s native land, to the state of Oregon, which is Robbie’s home state, the two have worked together developing their skills.

Now, the couple has traveled cross-county to their new home here in Jamestown. Something Beautiful Tattoo & Piercing is their business, which has a new location at 1690 Foote Ave. The tattoo and piercing studio has around 2,000 square feet and plenty of space for parking.

”I love it. It is super big,” Sarah said. ”We’ve been getting a lot of positive feedback (about the new location).”

Robbie has been tattooing for around five years. He has a wide range of styles, but prefers realistic, old school, traditional and neo-traditional, and is also strong in black and grey. He also enjoys painting and drawing.

Sarah has been body piercing for about eight years and has traveled the world piercing, working with experts in her field learning their techniques. She is committed to her craft, which is why she attends classes and seminars to improve her skills.

”We’re so lucky to have combined our hobbies with our jobs,” she said. ”We like making people feel more beautiful.”

Sarah said tattoos and piercings usually represent something significant to each client. She said learning about the client’s life experience that has led them to a new tattoo or piercing makes each session unique.

”We like being a part of that. Being able to express what they are feeling,” she said. ”We understand how important it is to them.”

All artists working in the studio are certified and licensed. Certificates and licenses are visible for customer convenience. Equipment used for tattooing, like needles, tubes and ink cups, are of a disposable nature and are sterilized and used one time. The studio has an autoclave so non-disposable equipment is sterilized. All piercing equipment, like needles, gauze and jewelry, used in fresh piercings is sterilized. All basic jewelry used in fresh piercings are of titanium alloy. The studio meets all standards required by the Chautauqua County Health Department. Something Beautiful Tattoo & Piercing has both female and male piercers, so clients have an option depending on the location of the body piercing.

Sarah said the studio has four tattoo artists and two guest artists. Guest artists include Adam Lunt from the west coast and Rylee, whose style is old school and new traditional. For piercings, the business uses Anatometal and NeoMetal jewelry. The business also offers lifetime replacement jewelry settings.

The studio has free arcade games in the waiting room. The artists also do paintings – reprints and original works – and are part of the Active Artists Alliance.

Something Beautiful Tattoo & Piercing is open from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday. For more information or to make an appointment, call 708-6365. Walk-ins are welcome.