Town Of Poland Reviews Concerns Over Horses, Buggies

The Poland town board recently held their December meeting.

During the first privilege of the floor, a local resident asked the town board if anything could be done about horse waste along the roads in the area. He said he thought other towns in the area had some type of ordinance to control the problem. The resident said that in his area, it was impossible to be outside or have any windows open. Highway Superintendent Larry Mee replied that he had not heard of any local laws about control for the problem.

Paul Webb, town attorney, said that a town could not make any regulations pertaining to the county and state roads. The resident said he would like research pursued to see if something can be done about the situation. Supervisor Kelly Snow said she would see what she could find out and bring it to the next board meeting. Concern was also expressed that some of the buggies and horses that have come into the area recently cannot be seen well during darker times of the day, or on short sightline stretches of the roads. There has already been an accident on Mud Creek Road due to lack of visibility and stopping time.

Dennis Stornes, Kennedy Free Library board member, informed the town board that the library board has begun researching options for the library’s future. They will keep the town officials informed about their results.

Councilwoman Kathy Stanton told the town board that the accessibility committee had held their first meeting. They decided to meet every two months. Minutes will be posted on the town of Poland website. The meetings will be open to the public as well. Ms. Stanton said she was encouraged to have members who are trained in building codes, as well as people who have first-hand experience with accessibility issues.

Mee said the new furnace had been installed. The electrical work is progressing. The utilities will need to come back to do some remedial work before the electrical contractor can finish. Mee said the heating contractor informed him that a door vent should be installed in the door between the furnace room and the library for airflow. He felt that if a vent could be found, it could be installed in the existing door, and a replacement door would not be needed. Ms. Snow said she would complete the paperwork for grants to help defray the cost of the new furnace.

Mee told the board that Kennedy Pride was pleased with the turnout for the townwide Christmas party. The lighting contest was considered a success for its first year as well. Ms. Snow commented that the tree in the gazebo in Hallquist Park looked very nice, and was told that it had been provided by Abers Acres.

Ms. Snow told the board that she had been contacted by the town’s insurance agent and informed that the current provider of disability insurance for the town will no longer be writing policies in New York state. The agent has done some comparison research, and found another company which offers coverage for a lower rate. Ms. Snow gave the board a comparison of the coverage. Currently, the town pays $316.80 per year for coverage for town workers. The new company would provide the same coverage for $168 per year. The next increase in disability coverage would cost $229.80 per year. A further level of disability insurance costs $259.20 per year. Board members discussed the different levels of coverage, and felt that increasing the coverage to the second level at a cost of $229.80 per year seemed to be a good choice for the town. It is above the minimum state requirement, but still provides a cost savings to the town. Ms. Snow will inform the insurance agent so the coverage can begin the first of the year.

Councilman Norm Gustafson reported on the Recreation Committee. He said they are planning to have cross-country skiing at Temple School on Jan. 12 from 1-4 p.m., weather permitting. A trip to Allegany State Park for sledding on Feb. 9 is also being planned. A possible laser tag outing in March is being considered as well.

Brian King, dog control officer, said he hoped to have the dog enumeration completed before the end of December. He told the board that there was equipment he would like to purchase in the near future. Fewer dogs have been taken to the holding center this year, keeping expenditures down for the year.

Dennis Stornes, town assessor, noted that it could be possible to purchase a color laser printer for the town that qualifies under the Energy Star equipment program in New York state. The normal cost is $1,091 for the printer. The town could purchase it for $273 after the rebate. Stornes said he would suggest the purchase only if the rebate is possible. Board members agreed that it was a good idea to check into it. Barb Czerniak, town clerk, will contact the local dealer about the printer.

Mee said the sand barn is full. He would probably be ordering some more salt. There had not been much winter yet to necessitate plowing and sanding. His department has been trimming trees and ditching during the milder weather.

George Gustafson, zoning officer, told members that a lot of people don’t seem to know that they need to get permits to build sheds and other structures. Some don’t require fees, but still need a permit. He said he has a big list of people to contact. Even if a shed in on skids, it still needs a permit. Gustafson said he had some complaints about garbage on Hartson Road. Also, some complaints have been received that some new residents have not been required to follow all the rules for building codes. He said the Alan Gustafson, code officer, has been looking into that situation.

The next regular Poland Town Board meeting will be held on Tuesday at 7 p.m. in the town hall. Ms. Snow will be available at 5:30 p.m. to meet with residents about any concerns. The public is encouraged to attend.