Westfield Welcomes Fresh Businesses

WESTFIELD – New businesses in Westfield are popping up.

“I’m sure you have all heard that the Fireman’s Exempt Hall is possibly being sold, and I would like to report we have talked to Chautauqua IDA and Empire State Development Corporation representatives, and that sale is still on schedule,” said David Carr, Westfield mayor. “The buyers are in the process of talking to their bank and attorneys, and things are moving forward and looking very positive.”

Mayor Carr also gave report on the recently opened Parkview Cafe to the trustees and members of the audience.

“Proprietor Beth Powers is currently open for business and doing very well,” he said.

According to the mayor, Brazill’s on Main is on track for a spring opening. The restaurant, which will occupy the space of the former Sapore’s Restaurant, had its on-premise liquor, beer and wine license waiver approved by the board in October.

“The owners are working on track and hope to be in operation as early as mid-February, although they are scheduled to open by the first of March,” Carr said. “The owners are planning to use as much local meat and produce as possible and I think this will be a good addition to the downtown business scene.”

The newly opened hair salon, Main Street Salon operated by Laura Luke, is reportedly doing more than expected after recently opening its doors.

Regarding to the Westfield Farmer’s Market, Carr announced Arianne Correll has been named as the new director as the market heads into 2013.

In other business, the Village Board authorized Andrew Thompson, Wastewater Treatment Plant operator, to purchase four replacement return sludge pumps, to be purchased within the next four years.

Carr also said the plant was inspected in November by county Health Department officials and commended Thompson and plant staff, as well as the tax paying public of Westfield for their willingness to address issues at the plant and modernize its operation resulting in the favorable inspection report.

Thompson also approached the board with a request to accept liquid brewery waste from Chad Schofield at the treatment plant for disposal at a rate of $18 per 1,000 gallons.

Trustee Dave Brooker confirmed with Thompson that no negative impact or inconvenience would be posed to standard operation of the plant by accepting Schofield’s waste material. Thompson confirmed the processing would not interrupt standard work at the plant.