BPU Repairs Water Break

Residents in the area of Norton Avenue and Ohio Street were the latest to suffer from a broken water main this winter.

“Water was off to only three houses for approximately one hour and the repair was completed by approximately 3 p.m. Friday,” said Becky Robbins, communications coordinator of the BPU. “Residences in the area of Summit Avenue, Norton Avenue, Pershing Avenue and Ohio Street may expect to see discolored water for 12-18 hours.”

According to Robbins, there were four water main breaks over last weekend, something that area residents can expect to occur during the cold winter months.

“The winter season is the time of the year when we experience a majority of our water main breaks,” said Robbins. “As the ground freezes and thaws with temperatures fluctuating from warm to cold or cold to warm, the ground shifts, sometimes into pipes, causing the water lines to break.”

Tell-tale signs of a water main break include melted snow in the area of the problem or water that is spraying up into the air. Water main breaks can be reported to the BPU through customer service at 661-1660 or through the BPU trouble line at 661-1640.