Former JCC Professor To Speak At Jamestown Church Sunday

Dr. Jeffrey Victor, a retired Jamestown Community College sociology professor, will speak at the 10:30 a.m. Sunday service in the Unitarian Congregation of Jamestown, 1255 Prendergast Ave., Jamestown.

His topic will be on mistaken assumptions concerning life in the socialist countries of Western Europe and explain why Americans are so critical of European socialism. He will share experiences of his French family and friends with social services; describe his own personal experience with the French national health care system when hospitalized for a serious illness; and speak on the benefits of national maternity care, free professional day care, tuition free universities and medical schools, five week paid vacation and public high speed railroads.

Victor continues to teach part-time during fall semesters at JCC. He has published two books, nine chapters in edited books, 25 articles in popular and scholarly magazines and has received the New York State University’s Chancellor’s Award for Teaching Excellence.

His book, “Satanic Panic: The Creation of a Contemporary Legend,” is a study of rumors and false claims about secret criminal satanic cults including a chapter about the rumors in Jamestown.

In 1993, the book received the H.L. Mencken Book Award from the Free Press Association and it has been used in many criminal cases involving false accusations of crime.

Victor has appeared on several national television programs and was a guest speaker at conferences in France, Scotland and the Netherlands.