CRCF Seeks Nominations For ‘Unsung Hero’ Award

The Chautauqua Region Community Foundation is seeking nominations for the 2013 Axel W. Carlson “Unsung Hero” Volunteer Award. Since 1986, the foundation has honored an individual whose gift of time, effort and dedication has consistently and unselfishly been given to the community.

Born in the early 1890s in Sweden, Axel W. Carlson immigrated to the area as a teenager. Skilled as a carpenter, Carlson worked making tabletops for a business near Brooklyn Square. After returning from a trip back to his home town in Sweden, Carlson met and married his wife Emma. Carlson continued to work hard and save his money wisely. He was always willing to lend a hand to anyone in need. On November 3, 1981, Carlson passed away, but not before completing one final deed to help his community.

The money Carlson worked so hard for and used so frugally was left to assist the people in the community he left behind. Throughout his life, he never sought recognition or repayment for his work for others. His unselfish spirit and joy in helping his fellow man led the Community Foundation to create an award in his name to inspire others in our community to carry on his good work.

Until March 1, the Community Foundation is seeking an individual who emulates Carlson’s philosophy and spirit of helping others. “Unsung Heroes” who have claimed this award in the past include: Lucille Miller, Debbie Long, Josh Briggs, Albert Olmstead, Mary Avery, Nancy Gaden, Kenneth Kilburn, Lorri Huckelbery, Mary Gabalski, John Bauer and, most recently, Norm Merrill.

If you know someone from southern Chautauqua County who has made significant contributions to an organization or project to better our community and who has neither received nor expects recognition or reward, nominate them for the 2013 Axel W. Carlson “Unsung Hero” Award.

Nomination forms can be obtained from the foundation’s website at or by calling the foundation at 661-3390. Forms are also available at the foundation office, 418 Spring St., Jamestown.

All nominations are due by March 1.