Delong Shoots 739 Set, Foti Has 738 To Lead Bowling

Matt Delong edged out Joe Foti for the top individual bowling honors Wednesday night.

Delong fired a 290-246-739 for Shults Auto and Foti was right behind with a 255-257-226-738 for Heavy Press & Tool Inc. in the Lena’s Pizza Men’s League at Jamestown Bowling Company.

Jeremy Crist floored 226-229-276-731 for Bemus Point Inn in the Farr’s Allstate League at Fountain Bowl.

Lorena Bernoudy was high for the ladies by cracking a 256-213-659 in the Friday Night Couples League at JBC.

Harry Jones connected with a 246-235-691 for Bemus Point Inn in the Farr’s Allstate League at Fountain Bowl.

Theresa Jackson drilled a 231-585 for Madden’s Autobody in the Lena’s Pizza-Townline Auto League at JBC.

Terry Sanden rolled a 257 and Mark Sanden a 256 at Fountain Bowl while Terry Frank hit a 253 at JBC.

Jamestown Bowling League – Friday Night Mixed Couples League: Sid Bernoudy 224-647, George Pierce 221-635, John Van Horn 220-606, Anne Zepka 516, Georgianna Dorman 507.

Sunday Nite Mixed Couples League: Ken Bedford Jr. 631, Kelly Savaree 477.

Lena’s Pizza-Townline Auto League – Michelle Slade 531, Jami Olson 531, Kate Fotui 502, Veronica Lundmark 499, Sue Lamb 494, Becky Washer 487.

Lena’s Pizza Men’s League – Terry Frank 668, Tom Lassen 233-648, Dennis Beaver 224-230-641, Ned Dean 224-636, Chris Conti 634, Ron Saxton 245-610, Andy Greenlee 224-605, John Angeletti 235-604, David Beaver 245-601, Ron Lyon 600, Paul Burdic 223-598, Pedro Melendez 224-598, Jason Rupczyk 225-596, Warren Doud Sr. 221-594, Jim Chapman 588, Richard Michael 238-586.

State Lanes: Angel Hair Ladies League – Karen Eckman 232-546, Anne Frankson 200-540, Andrea Mott 526, Becky Donisi 504, Angel Harrower 501, Natalie Samuelson 496, Marlene Sanders 481.

Fountain Bowl: Farr’s Allstate League – Mark Sanden 656, Chuck Chapman 228-246-656, Greg Grimm 236-230-655, Matt Himes 233-642, Jeff Arnold 225-246-639, Terry Sanden 637, Sean Peters 233-627, Bill Farr 622, Royce Swan 225-618, Howard Holmes 615, Dave Johnson 599, Mike Koresko 229-575.


Matt Delong once again had the highest score in the New Year’s Day Sweeper with a 232-266-704 scratch score and was among the top eight qualifiers at Jamestown Bowling Company.

Robert Cross topped the qualifiers with a 235-247-697 scratch and a 754 handicap.

Matt Erickson was second with 279-716 handicap, Delong was third with 704 scratch followed by Matt Himes with a 283-703 handicap, Randy Herron with a 278-698 handicap, Matt White with a 224-241-225-690 scratch, Howie McIntyre Sr. with a 690 handicap and Derek Bixby with a 248-689 handicap to round out the qualifiers.

Himes defeated White, 218-215, in the finals for the title.

Herron tossed a 695 scratch and Bill Thompson a 234-245-681 scratch.

Becca Kent connected for a 222 single.

Jamestown Bowling Company: Sweeper – Matt Erickson 662, Howie McIntyre Sr. 228-660, Derek Bixby 659, Matt Himes 658, John Williams Jr. 237-648, John Williams Sr. 228-645, Chad Mee 643, Adam Wilmot 225-640, Larry Case 242-637, Tom Battaglia 223-620, Ben Montague 611, Dan Walker 597, Kyle McIntyre 234-595, Brandon Propheter 243-583, Becca Kent 670, Carrie Goodrich 213-555.