Support Is A Beautiful Surprise

To the Readers’ Forum:

Beautiful surprise, I received a beautiful surprise Christmas night. A great many people decided to get together without my knowledge to show their love and support for me. Many people did not sign their cards, and byposting in The Post-Journal and the Tapestry, hopefully they will see my very heartfelt thank you.

Through the 40+ years I have lived here, I have always tried to help others without asking anything in return. I believe my parents taught me well. Never did I imagine I would receive so much kindness from the people of Findley Lake and surrounding towns as I received in cards and their thoughts of me!

I have always tried to live by a quote I read many years ago … ”People will forget what you have said or done, but they will never forget how you made them feel” And you know what?It works! Who would want to live in a big city? Not I !

Brian J. Locke

Findley Lake