Payment Options

SHERMAN When most people visit the grocery store they are worried about what they will have for dinner.

Sahir Sarvaiya was worried about how to lower the costs of prescriptions for people with no insurance.

Sarvaiya is the owner of Sherman Pharmacy, which is located at 105 W. Main St., Sherman. He has started a new monthly budgeted payment plan for customers who don’t have medical insurance. Sarvaiya said if he gets enough people to be a part of the payment program, he will be able to ”slash” the costs of the prescriptions even lower.

”The idea started when I was in the grocery store. An Amish man approached me, he knew me from the pharmacy, and asked about the price of his prescriptions. He told me he had no insurance and he paid cash,” he said. ”I saw what was happening to the Amish community that we have here in Sherman. They don’t believe in insurance. These poor people are left to pay cash and they are getting hammered by the price of medication. They also are only choosing to take the two or three prescriptions that are the most necessary. This really bothers me.”

Sarvaiya said he thought about the problem for people who don’t have insurance paying cash for their prescriptions. He then decided to start a new monthly cash payment plan, similar to one people have when purchasing a car. He said the more people involved in the program, the lower the overhead price he can put on the medication. With more people involved, he can lower the costs of prescriptions while still making the same amount of money to pay for operating expenses.

”Through the payment plan I can lower the costs for the customer. If I can get enough people to get their medications here. I can help more save money with a higher volume to get medication at rock bottom prices. The more people I get, the lower I can slash prices,” he said.

Sarvaiya said it is a gamble for him to lower the price on medications for the cash payment plan. However, he is in a position to help the community and wants to do his part.

”My goal is if I can help 100 people, I will feel good,” he said. ”I want to be the cash pharmacy. If people say to themselves ‘I don’t have insurance and have to pay cash, Sherman Pharmacy is where I need to go.”’

Sarvaiya said people don’t have to worry about where they live, as prescriptions can be mailed.

”We have a great number of people who leave the area during the winter and we still service them,” he said.

The Sherman Pharmacy opened in 1984, which was started by Sarvaiya’s father, Shakur. The business is open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday and 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday. For more information, call the pharmacy at 761-6876. The fax number is 761-6224.